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What’s not to love about Miami? Not only is it a warm and welcoming town that’s always lively, but it’s also a tech capital and just the spot to start your tech career in style. To find the hottest tech fields, it’s crucial to have a notion of the fastest growing industries in Miami. Understanding the tech skills required by the top industries in Miami ensures that you are always learning relevant and useful subjects.


Never fear, intrepid tech-ster. We’ve got your back and created this guide to show you which fields need your brain and hands. (And the rest of you, too. A brain next to a pair of hands sounds gross.) You’ll get vital information on careers within real estate, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and e-commerce. We also let you in on the training required to compete in your chosen tech field. Before long, you’ll be earning big and loving life.


Real Estate Sales and Development


Model of a neighborhood
Selling real estate requires tech-savvy minds.


When you think of Miami, one of the first images that likely springs to mind is real estate in its many forms. Golf courses, office buildings, residential areas—they all go for big money in Miami. Modern real estate businesses are some of the fastest-growing companies in Miami South Florida and relies heavily on web technology. Qualified webheads are sure to find open arms at a Miami real estate firm.


Top web developers have a mixture of hard and soft skills. Familiarize yourself with the most popular web languages, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Java. On the soft-skills side, focus on improving your communication abilities. You’ll be part of a larger team, and staying plugged in and connected with fellow team members helps the whole team deliver their product on time and error-free.




A variety of pills
Gotta keep track of all those pills, right?


If you didn’t picture real estate when you thought of Miami, you probably thought about the many senior citizens who enjoy the city’s ice-free sidewalks and warm winters. It’s really no surprise then to learn that Miami has a thriving pharmaceutical sector. Pills are big business in Miami, and the pharmaceutical companies clean up. Folks with networking and systems administration skills are in short supply at these firms and are sure to find work in a hurry.


Your main concern when working with pharmaceuticals is security. The goal is to allow authorized people to access information and materials while keeping out everyone else, and that’s where your networking and sysadmin chops pay off. Get some Cisco or Sun training and certifications to accumulate some practical experience working with the equipment. Polish your Linux and SQL skills to make yourself more valuable to employers. On the other hand, according to a report from Business Journals, there are several healthcare companies that have significantly fast growth. For example, NationsHearing’s Two-Year Revenue% Growth is 13843.00%, which is very high compared to other companies.




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Want to sell the right products to the right client base? Hire a marketing firm.


A business selling the best products in the world will go bankrupt in a hurry if those products don’t get to the right customers. That’s where marketing steps in and takes charge. A quality marketing analysis boosts the company up by identifying customer bases and match them to the needed products. Miami has plenty of marketing consultancy firms that are in need of good solutions; data engineering, for instance, can come in handy here.


Data engineering involves creating a system of information capture, storage, and analysis in as close to real-time as possible. To qualify for the best data engineering positions, you’ll need a few different skills. Study data warehousing tools such as MapReduce, HIVE, Hadoop, PIG, Kafka, and Apache Spark, and get more acquainted with database design and manipulation. SQL and NoSQL are essential tools. Lastly, pick up some Python skills to round out your toolkit.




A person makes a purchase via their phone
The future of sales is digital, baby.


Do you use e-commerce? If not, you’re rapidly becoming the minority. E-commerce allows remote purchase and gives companies flexibility and it’s definitely on the rise. Miami’s businesses have embraced this new ecosystem, making the local e-commerce consultant firms highly in demand. Those firms need reliable and skilled e-commerce developers to help them keep clients happy (and their bank accounts full).


Becoming an e-commerce developer requires a specialized set of skills beyond the usual programmer toolkit. Get familiar with the workings of large e-commerce sites and pay centers such as Amazon, Paypal,, and eBay. It’s useful to have a few web languages like CSS, XML, and HTML under your belt, and the more you understand about frameworks and restful APIs, the more appealing you’ll be as a hiring prospect.


So there you go, tech warriors. Miami is a lovely and inviting town, and it’s also a perfect site for starting your tech career. Our guide reviews the top industries in Miami and shows you what training you need to secure the tech gig you’ve always wanted.


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