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Miami might seem to consist of nothing other than heat, sunshine, palm trees, and humidity, but it is also home to a thriving tech community with lots of lucrative roles for the ambitious worker. To land the best gigs, though, you need to know which fields pay the best. That’s why knowing about the high paying jobs in Miami tech is essential if you want to kickstart your career. Having a firm grasp on tech salaries in Miami keeps your studies on track and ensures your job searches are short and profitable.


We put this guide together to help you find out all about Miami tech salaries. You’ll learn which tech positions offer exciting work and outstanding pay, and we show you the best ways to pick up the training and start competing for the top jobs. Your time is valuable, and our article makes sure you spend it learning a profession that keeps you comfortable for life.


UI/UX Designer


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Gain consumers’ confidence with top-notch UI/UX design.


Every person who’s used a mobile app has encountered an awkward mechanism or a confusing interface. That’s where user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design comes into play. UI/UX designers help to evolve apps and make the experience smoother and less stressful for the users. The best part is, Miami tech scene is always in need of good UI/UX developers.


You can easily make up to $98K a year in UI/UX design. Working in UI/UX means working with prototyping and wireframing, so read up on tools like Miro, Justinmind, UXPin, Adobe Xd, and Azure RP. Design talent plays strongly into UI/UX, and folks with a creative streak have an advantage in the field. Take the time to brush up your interpersonal skills if you want to succeed in UI/UX as designers would also need to communicate with clients, management, and team members to achieve their goals.


.NET Developer


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Parlay those .NET skills into a lifetime of greenbacks.


As computers integrate with businesses, some fields take on greater importance than others. Folks with skills in .NET development, for example, command excellent salaries and qualify for one of the highest paying jobs in Miami tech. Business use .NET to create all sorts of products, and if you have solid skills working with it, you can find a job that pays well anytime you want.


You can make close to $100K a year as a .NET whiz. Get familiar with client-side web development tech such as jQuery, HTML, and Bootstrap to be competitive for .NET gigs. Your database abilities often come into play when you write in .NET, so make sure your SQL, Entity, and Oracle skills are on point. Microsoft offers a Solutions Developer certification that can take you a long way toward landing your dream .NET programmer job.


Network Architect


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Keep the world plugged in and communicating.


The world runs on computers, and those computers need a network to operate properly. If you have the skills to make computers talk to each other, you’re a hot commodity in Miami and are worth your weight in Bitcoins. Network architects help to design and maintain networks both great and small, and businesses need them more with every passing day. Consider a career as a network architect to keep the green rolling into your account.


Network architects make excellent salaries and can expect to bring home a maximum of $110K a year. Network architecture is a big-picture sort of job that requires you to understand how networks fit together and work as a unit, which means lots of studying. Spend some time learning about network equipment, protocols, and philosophies. Don’t skimp on the interpersonal skills, which come in handy all the time. You can get your training through a Cisco or Sun certification program or via online study.


CIS Manager


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Take those developer skills, and use them to whip your team into shape.


Every team needs a leader and software development teams are no exception. Quality CIS managers who understand the development process and can work with a team of programmers to produce a top-notch product will always be able to land jobs in Miami. If you have coding talents and executive ambitions, a CIS managerial role might suit you best.


CIS managers in Miami make an average of $82K a year. As a CIS manager, you need a healthy mix of soft and hard skills. Communication with your team is essential, therefore your verbal and written skills should be up to the task. And the more you know about programming, the better you’ll be able to guide the team and gain their respect. Learn the most popular coding language such as Java and Python to max out your CIS managerial skills.


So there it is, techies. Miami has lots of great tech gigs that pay well, provided you do enough research and arm yourself with the right skillsets. Our look at tech salaries in Miami highlights the fields that will reward your training with tons of cash and exciting challenges. We help you identify the jobs and skills that will keep you set for life.


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